Sunday, December 23, 2007

Arbaaz's big break opposite Priyanka

After years of playing marginal characters in Priyadarshan's comedies and languishing in sundry supporting roles, things are finally happening in Arbaaz Khan's career.He has just been signed to play the main lead opposite Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut in Madhur Bhandarkar's Fashion."When Madhur offered me the role I was least worried about the space I'd have in the film. Even though two beautiful ladies, Priyanka and Kangana, were already signed, I'm handsome enough to hold my own," Arbaaz jokes."I am the principal lead and the guy who's instrumental in the rise of the Priyanka's character in the fashion world," Arbaaz told IANS."Fashion would be interesting because I get to work with a director of Madhur's calibre. I also get to work with the two actresses for the first time. Priyanka, I've known well since she has been in many of my brother Salman (Khan's) films. But Kangana I've only met socially. She's a wonderful girl."

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Aamir bares heart, says media underplays him

Actor Aamir Khan is all set with his directorial debut Taare Zameen Par which releases on December 21.
CNN-IBN’s Anuradha SenGupta gets chatty with the actor, talking about the change in his image from a ‘good-looking’ actor to an intellectual one, who surely, ought to be taken seriously.

Anuradha SenGupta: With Taare Zameen Par, you turn director. All these years we have heard accusations and charges saying Aamir interferes and second-guesses his directors, and if this is not your planned directorial debut, then how petrified are you?

Aamir Khan: Petrified in what sense? Are you talking about the release of the film?

Anuradha SenGupta: You must know that there are a lot of eyes on this film, not just the ticket buying public, but people you worked in the past with, people who may have things to say because this is finally when you come out of the actor who could direct and become the director.

Aamir Khan: Well, I do know that, but I am not making films for these reasons, so these things don’t bother me. I am making a film in which I believe in, and my concern is that have I been able to bring on to celluloid what was on paper. When I look at the film now, I feel I have managed to do that, so I am really happy with it. If I have any concern, it is that how my audience reacts to the film.

Anuradha SenGupta: We are talking as the first phase of Gujarat elections starts. Are you watching closely? Are you interested, because we know what happened with Fanaa because you supported the Narmada Bachao Aandolan. Are you anticipating trouble with Taare Zameen Par?

Aamir Khan: I have no idea and I have not been following the news because I have been very involved in the post-production of my film. So I really have not had the bandwidth to keep in touch with what’s happening around the country at this point of time.

Anuradha SenGupta: Is the film releasing in Gujarat? Do you know?

Aamir Khan: As far as I know, it's releasing.

Anuradha SenGupta: So you are not expecting any trouble this time?

Aamir Khan: No, I hope not.

Anuradha SenGupta: Tell me, after the response of this film, are you going to become like Woody Allen, directing yourself a lot?

Aamir Khan: I haven’t thought about that. I mean, no. On the face of it, I’d like to say that I would like to direct and I don’t want to act in the film I am directing. That’s something that I always felt. In this case I did not have a choice. But frankly, I am not comfortable acting and directing in the same film.

Anuradha SenGupta: I was wondering, you do a shot and you go running and play it back and you see it?

Aamir Khan: No, I don’t do that. I pretty much go with my instincts. So when I am giving a shot, my instincts tell me whether it is right or wrong and when I have finished with the takes and I think that I have got it, then I go and check once. Fortunately, as an actor, I never depend on the monitor. In my entire career, I have never looked at the monitor.

Anuradha SenGupta: And did you depend on the director?

Aamir Khan: Of course I do. I have the ability or I would say, I have retained the ability to keep my instinct alive, on how well the shot has gone or how well we have got the moment without having to check the monitor.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Now a Salman Khan statue at Madame Tussauds

Salman Khan has topped the poll that was to decide who from Bollywood should be featured at the Madame Tussauds Studio, next. It has been decided that Salman Khan will be immortalized in wax by early 2008!

Salman Khan fan’s voted for him and took him to the topmost slot, leaving others like Madhuri Dixit, Hrithik Roshan and Abhishek Bachchan behind. The others in the poll were Rani Mukherjee, Karan Johar, Kajol, Lata Mangeshkar, Priyanka Chopra and John Abraham.
The poll was conducted in the summer of 2007 by Madame Tussauds, British Asian entertainment magazine Ikonz and the BBC Asian Network. 10,000 votes came in for the ten Bollywood celebrities. However, Salman was clearly on the top.

He will be sitting for the Madame Tussauds’ sculptors soon, so that the statue can be unveiled by 2008. After Amithabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai and Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan is the fourth Bollywood personality to be featured at Madame Tussauds. We know at desifans that Salman has a huge fan following and these are no ordinary fans, they are fans who can die for Sallu !!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dard-e-Disco & Disco Dancer

It was the launch of E Niwas’s My Name is Anthony Gonsalves, starring debutant Nikhil Dwivedi, Amrita Rao and veteran Mithun Chakraborty, scheduled for 8 pm on Friday night.
Mithunda walked in first, followed by the rest of the cast. But there was one person who was yet to make a grand entry, King Khan — he was supposed to unveil the music of the film.
Mithun propped up the bar, chatting with all, drink in hand, smiling for the shutterbugs and trying to pass his time. It was nearing 11 pm when someone announced that Shah Rukh Khan was about to make an entry.
Mithun had by then moved to the first floor of the venue. Going to the balcony, he started bellowing, “Shah Rukh, Shah Rukh, kahan hain tu, yaar?” Moments later, SRK entered escorted by bodyguards. Again, Mithun called out the Bollywood Badshah’s name, this time louder than before to everyone’s surprise. Shah Rukh, unaware of the great presence above him, waved out the way he does to hysterical fans.
“He didn’t see me!” exclaimed Mithun, throwing his hands up in the air. But when SRK stepped out of the lift, the first thing he said was “ Da ,” on seeing Mithun.
The original Disco Dancer forgot his long wait and held open his arms to hug the Dard-e-Disco star. “I was calling out and you waved to me as if I was one of your fans,” complained Mithun. “Oh, was it you Da? I’m so sorry, I really thought it was just another fan calling out my name,” apologised the six-pack Khan. To which Mithun replied in jest, “It’s not your fault, dear, I’m so dark that you wouldn’t be able to see me from that distance anyway.”

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Om Shanti Om Defeats Hollywood

Director Farah Khan's Bollywood movie OM SHANTI OM has been declared the most successful movie within 3 days of its mega release on 9th of November.
Om Shanti Om was released in India during Diwali and within 3 days, the movie claimed to have collected Rs. 84 Crores which crossed the sales of any other Indian Movie released during this period.This movie has been so much successful in the box office that it defeated the sale of the Tom Cruise starrer movie Lions for Lambs which collected 52 Crores till date.Om Shanti Om claimed Rs. 68 Crores in India while it claimed Rs. 16 Crores from US, Canada, Britain and other European Countries.According to Bollywood sources, Shah Rukh Khan is said to have released 2,000 prints of the movie worldwide which is a record in itself.

Bipasha Basu wants a beach wedding

Exhausted with too much media ado about beau John Abraham and rumours of splitsville between them, Bollywood actor Bipasha Basu says the media governs the personal lives of actors these days.
"We are just puppets in the hands of the media, especially when it comes to our personal lives. The media decides when our (John-Bipasha) relationship starts going through a rough patch and when it mends," Bipasha told IANS.
Tinsel town has been abuzz with rumours of their long-time relationship souring and later their reunion.
"In this industry it happens. However, for me it is a great pride being myself. I will never conduct myself in a way that I have to be ashamed of, later," she maintained.
"I also understand the pressures the media works under. The world is extremely competitive. You have to sell news, if one channel has it the other wants it too."
The dusky beauty was in the capital on Wednesday evening to launch her friend and favourite designer Rocky S' couture line at fashion store Aza.
Sporting a sunset orange sari teamed with a golden embroidered blouse, she left her hair in trademark style -- long and straight -- "specially for Rocky's show".
Asked how much time she spends on shopping, she said: "Now I don't get much time to shop. Life has become a little luxurious now with more help at home, as the work has increased. Designer friends like him (Rocky) design clothes for me when I am sitting at home. As far as jewellery is concerned I love wearing my mom's jewellery."
As the evening blossomed, models decked in bridal wear, including lehngas (skirts), mermaid skirts, cholis (blouses), saris, kurtas teamed with salwars and churidars, sashayed across the ramp.
The colour palette ranged from deep reds, strawberry pinks and aqua to creamy pastel shades of peach, apricot, old rose, honey and olive.
An eclectic mix of brocades, georgettes and net organza was used to create the outfits, which were adorned with ribbon applique gota, thread, stones and crystal embellishments.
And what would the Bong beauty wear at her wedding?
"I am going to have a beach wedding and everybody will be in beach wear," she laughed.
"I often tell my mother during light hearted conversations that it will be great fun seeing all the aunts shaping up for my beach wedding," she added.
Bipasha's forthcoming projects including No Smoking, Goal, Race, Mr Fraud and Taj Mahal with Sir Ben Kingsley.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Marriage on the cards for Rani Mukherjee?

Tinsel town is abuzz with talks that Rani Mukherjee will marry early next year.For more than a year now, Rani Mukherjee has been linked with Yashraj Films’ honcho Aditya Chopra . Many times the news of their imminent wedding has made headlines in media but the two proved all speculation wrong.
Now, one more time, B-town is awash with rumours about their marriage. It
is being reported that Rani and Aditya will tie the knot on February 10 next year. Sources are quoted as saying that the wedding was truly on this time.The marriage ceremony will reportedly take place at Umaid Bhawan palace in Jodhpur. It is learnt that a venue outside Mumbai has been deliberately chosen to keep media at bay.Well, given Rani’s present Bollywood commitments, the wedding date of Feb 10, 2008, looks plausible. Rani is presently working in Kunal Kohli’s next movie (with Saif Ali Khan and Amisha Patel ) and the shooting is likely to continue till December this year. After that one month would be sufficient to prepare for the wedding in February.And since Rani hasn’t signed any other film except Kunal’s, she is expected to take a break from Bollywood early next year – possibly for her honeymoon.

Deepika Padukone gets special invite from M S Dhoni?

The skipper of the Indian cricket team seems to have some fondness for Ms Padukone.It is no secret that Jharkhand boy Mahendra Singh Dhoni has become a heartthrob of millions in India. But the man himself is rumoured to have been struck by the beauty and charm of actress Deepika Padukone , who makes her debut in Om Shanti Om .
Grapevine has it that Dhoni has given a special invite to Ms Padukone for the Indian team’s Twenty20 match with Australia on Saturday.Deepika is expected to watch the game at Mumbai’s Brabourne Stadium along with some of her close friends.It may be recalled that the ‘Om Shanti Om’ hero Shah Rukh Khan was in South Africa to cheer team India in the T20 world cup finals against Pakistan.Deepika doesn’t wish to come clean on questions regarding Dhoni. She says if she goes to see the T20 match on Saturday, it would not be for an individual, but “for the entire team”.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Rani Mukherjee's Exclusive Interview

The collaboration between Rani Mukherjee and Sanjay Leela Bhansali has been more than fortunate. Black went on to bag almost every award imaginable. Now once again Rani has joined hands with Bhansali for Saawariya. Giving Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor the lead to be the stars of this potential blockbuster, Rani speaks about Bhansali’s new discoveries.

How good a prospect is it to be launched by Sanjay Leela Bhansali?

It’s a blessing for Ranbir and Sonam to be launched by Sanjay not only because he’s a big director, but because he gives so much time to groom them and to help them grow as actors. He’s really... really special and Ranbir and Sonam are blessed to have been launched under their banner.

How does it feel to be working with Ranbir and Sonam?

For me working with Ranbir and Sonam is different because I’ve known them from before. I’ve seen both Sonam and Ranbir literally groom before me while they were assisting Sanjay on the making of Black .

Do you think they’ll make an impact on Bollywood?

I think both of them are going to create a stir. If I have to say something about Ranbir – he’s going to have a great female following. Ranbir has a unique, special nice style of dance. Sonam looks so beautiful and I think that she’s got Anil and Sunita’s good qualities. She’s going to have a tremendous male following. Both of them are going to be the biggest stars in Indian cinema.

This isn’t the first time you’ve interacted with the two

Yes, the difference is that while I did Black, Ranbir and Sonam were behind the camera and now they’re with makeup and costumes. As individuals they were the same since then. They were nervous while facing the camera and they were nervous even in front of me. So I would joke around them and try making them at ease. But because they have such a great guide – in the form of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, they don’t need anything else.

Do you think you and Salman might overshadow the newcomers?

No ways.Our presence in the film is because Sanjay wanted us and we love Sanjay. I think me and Salman are going to get overshadowed in the film.

You and Sanjay Leela Bhansali have worked before...

For me Sanjay will always be special. He’s my friend and the relationship we have while working and the rapport we’ve created while working together continues. I hope we work more in the future

Ash, Sush, Bipasha: Celebrating Beauty

Ashwarya Rai Bachchan is Exquisite…

Aishwarya Rai won the Miss World title in 1994 and made her film debut three years later with Mani Ratnam's Iruvar. Her first critical and commercial success however came only in 1999 with Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. This was followed by Devdas. She has to her credit Hindi, Tamil, Bengali and English films. She also made it to the list of the World's 100 most influential people by the Time Magazine, and in 2003 made it to the cover of the international publication. She has appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman and has also been featured on Oprah's Women Across The Globe. Today considered to be a regular at the Cannes Film Festival, Ash made it to Madame Tussauds in October 2004. It was then itself that her first international film, Bride & Prejudice hit the theatres. Today, Ash is the most popular Indian actress, and having got married into the Bachchan family has only strengthened her 'brand name'. The actress is also currently shooting for the Pink Panther series in Boston.Some other films that got her critical acclaim are: Taal, Kandukondain Kandukondain, Chokher Bali, The Mistress of Spices, Dhoom 2, Guru, Provoked

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ajay Devgan Is Back

Ajay Devgan hasn’t been very accessible in the last one month. After all he was busy as hell with his directorial venture, U Me Aur Hum. But now things are different. Ajay’s film is almost complete and will soon enter the post production stage.
The actor has returned on the scene now and is completing some unfinished business prior endorsement commitments et al. So it’s not going to be long before you see AD living up to his initials, doing ‘ads’ and stuff

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

For Rani 'Laaga Chunri...' is like a Bengali film

Rani Mukerji, who is currently shooting with Pradeep Sarkar for 'Laaga
Chunri Mein Daag', which is about a woman who stumbles into prostitution
for her family's sake, feels like she's doing a Bengali film. 'We're all Bongs here - from Pradeepda and his wife to Jayaji (Jaya Bachchan) and Konkona (Sen Sharma). All you'll hear on the sets is a loud babble of Bengali voices. We're constantly jabbering in Bengali and
cracking up at our own jokes. If you enter the set you'll feel it's a Bengali film,'
Rani told. In fact, the one outsider is Kunal Kapoor, whom the two girls constantly
torment by talking in Bengali. 'It's so cute, really. Pradeepda and his unit treat me like a family member.
The entire day we're laughing and cracking up at our own jokes. Shooting is always fun. But this time it's something else,' Rani said. Isn't the bonding over a few schedules too little time to be treated as family members? 'No. It's not as though I got to know Pradeepda only in this film. I've done many ads with him. I'm fortune that I'm now doing a feature film with him. He has a stunning eye for detail. The other unit where I had fun right through is Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Saawariya'.' She added: 'Whether it is Pradeepda or Sanjay, I love my directors. People who are part of my life would never ever disrespect me or my family, or I theirs.'

Monday, October 1, 2007

Abhishek Bachchan working hard on his physique

Abhishek Bachchan has been hitting the gym with a vengeance. Post his extended honeymoon, AB junior now wants to look better. The actor wants to shed 15 kilos and embrace a healthier lifestyle, inform his close friends.Apparently, he is already being careful about his food habits. Sources say, Abhishek, who has always been a big foodie has been keeping a watch on what he eats.An industry insider reveals, Shah Rukh, in his new body beautiful avatar, has prompted everybody in Bollywood to get into shape.Abhishek however, cannot be blamed entirely for his lagging fitness.The actor had to put on excess weight for Mani Ratnam ’s Guru . Immediately afterwards, he got busy with his wedding preparations followed by the celebrations.Of late, Abhishek has been complaining about his body and that is when a friend of his recommended him to join a gym and follow a diet.So don’t be surprised if you see a leaner and fitter AB junior in the coming days.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

No love lost between John and Bips!

John Abraham is super-thrilled to have the Chhota Nawab out of girlfriend Bipasha Basu's life. Now that Abraham is back with the dhansu Basu, he's spending as much time as he can with her. And when she has to attend an event, he makes sure he's close enough to reach her side the moment she's through with the work.Like when she was gracing a launch at Grand Hyatt on Wednesday night. A source informs that Johnny boy waited for her at the hotel's restaurant China House.And the moment Bips finished the event, she dashed to join Johnny boy, who was waiting with her sister and friends. We're also told that the couple called for prawns since she's so fond of seafood.

Monday, September 24, 2007

SRK to attend Twenty20 World Cup final

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, business tycoon Vijay Mallya and BCCI Vice President Rajeev Shukla will join hundreds of fans to cheer for Team India when Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his men take on Pakistan in the final of the Twenty20 cricket World Cup in Johannesburg on Monday.Shah Rukh, who played a hockey coach in his latest release 'Chak De India', earlier made a surprise visit to the India-England third Test at The Oval last month.Shah Rukh, Mallya and Shukla will leave tonight by the liquor baron's private jet."We will root for the Indian team, which has made us proud by its commendable show. An India-Pakistan match is always a humdinger and we are going to enjoy every bit of it," said Shukla.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Onscreen passion missing between John and Bipasha

While they may claim that there is no love lost between them in real life, there was dearth of passion between John Abraham and Bipasha Basu while shooting a romantic scene.The duo, along with their co-star Arshad Warsi , were shooting a song for their upcoming film Goal , when the lack of chemistry between them became evident before the camera.

The song was choreographed by Saroj Khan .There was a scene in the song that required John and Bipasha to move very close to each other and then be intimate.But sources from the sets are quoted as saying that Saroj Khan was not satisfied with the chemistry (or the lack of it) between John and Bips. Many shots were retaken but the real life lovers could not stoke enough passion. Sources say at last Saroj Khan lost her patience and told John and Bips on their face not to spoil the shot. After many retakes, the couple finally managed to give the expression that Khan wanted.‘Goal’ is directed by Vivek Agnihotri. The movie has John and Arshad Warsi playing two footballers. Bipasha Basu plays their team’s physiotherapist.

'Chak De India' debutants cherish working with Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan 's co-stars in Chak De India are happy over the critical acclaim the film has received and give credit to the actor for making them feel comfortable.Model-actress Vidya Malvade , who plays the goalkeeper-captain of the Hockey team, says ''It was a fantastic experience working with SRK and the Yashraj banner. We all had a fabulous time and I guess it shows in the film as well. Shah Rukh Khan is a magnificent actor and human being and he really went out his way to remove our nervousness and make us feel comfortable on the sets.''She said she was overwhelmed at the response the film has generated and expressed confidence that she would do better work in future.''We really had a hard training schedule to learn playing hockey and after that I have realised that hockey players work so hard, yet are given such little recognition.I hope the film will inspire people to give our hockey team all the encouragement they need.''Sagarika Ghatge, who plays Preeti Sabrawal, said she was missing hockey practice terribly and so she went ahead and got herself a hockey stick to remind her of the fitness trend that her life had got used to during the shoot.The actress added that 'Chak De India' has changed her life forever, setting her life in the right direction.''''The discipline, training and lifestyle set for us will help each of us go a long way in not just this industry but in life,'' says Sagarika, a national athlete who is back to training post 'Chak De India'.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Aishwarya and John To Pair Up For A Film

Despite John and Abhishek not sharing any warm vibes, Aishwarya has signed a candy-floss romance with the Bollywood hunk.She is in talks with producer Rohan Sippy for a movie that will have John playing her leading man in a romantic story with heavy doses of adventure as well. It will be directed by Sriram Raghavan , the man who directed Ek Haseena Thi .The yet-untitled film will be shot at exotic locations in foreign countries. The locations are being finalized. The movie’s shooting will most likely begin in November this year.Aishwarya is presently shooting for Ram Gopal Varma’s Sarkar Raj in Hyderabad and could not be reached for her comment.John, on the other hand, has also been busy shooting songs for his movie No Smoking and filming for Nagesh Kukunoor’s Aashayein .

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Sawariya is an intense love story: Sanjay Leela Bhansali

You went through some legal trauma in 2006 when a furniture dealer accused you of not paying her dues?

It’s always been important for me to fight for the truth. If a media crazy person attacks me I’ll fight back even more strongly.No matter what film I’ve made so far, I’ve never got involved in any monetary transactions. For Black, it was Applause Entertainment who were my financial partners while I handled the creativity.

Any monetary grievance should have been addressed to Applause. So why were you hounded?

Because the lady in question needed access to the media.. and what better medium of media recognition than a well-known director? So far I’ve kept mum and trusted in our judicial system. In fact I want to thank this lady for making me stronger.

How do you feel about 2006?

Last year started for me with all the awards for Black. All the hard work came to fruition. Awards are important because they endorse your hard work. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re better than the other nominations. But they make me feel very good.

And three of my films Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Devdas and Black won lots of awards.. Then I went through another level of excitement while recording the songs of Sawariya.

You think Sawariya too will make a grand sweep at the awards?

(Laughs) I would love it if it if does. But the intention is never to make films for awards. You make the film you want to.

I’ve had a glimpse at Saawariya. It looks completely different from your other films.
I think it takes me quite a long time to decide the atmosphere and khushboo of a film. That process takes me more than a year. And I need to take a different path every day. The intention isn’t to make money, but to do what comes naturally to me.

What motivated Sawariya?

The concept is unlike anything I’ve done so far. I wanted to move from the deep intensity of Black to the absolute joie de vivre of Sawariya. After Black I wanted to see a flower bloom and the sun shine. Of course it’s an intense love story. But the sparkle of youthful love is so
invigorating. That’s what I wanted to experience.As I make Sawariya I feel very alive. I don’t want to make a ‘popcorn khao, ghar jao’ film. With Sawariya I feel all my senses tingling again.

But the presence of two high-profile star children could colour your film’s profile during marketing.

If I’m making a film about young love I can’t cast veterans. It had to be newcomers. And why not Ranbir and Sonam?

They’re astonishing discoveries. I didn’t make Sawariya to launch Ranbir and Sonam. But yes, it does them give them a chance to prove their worth. Their freshness adds a lot to the love story. They do come from important film families.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What's cooking between Katrina and Saif?

Can Saif Ali Khan be a threat to Salman Khan’s love life? The cosy equation that Katrina is sharing with Saif these days, is the latest talking point among the industry people.Few people are also smelling romance between chhote nawaab and Sallu's jaan.Further, the news of Katrina and Saif being chess-buddies on the sets of the film Race for hours has given a lot of fodder to the rumour-mongers.
But even these strong rumours have not deterred Katrina to talk all good and positive things about her relationship with Saif.
Says she, "He is a fantastic person. He is such a nice company. He is among the decent actors of the film industry and I like to gel with such people. What makes us very good friends is that we both have lot of things in common besides our interest in playing chess."
"It’s not just a chess connection, he's a nice person and I feel comfortable with him."
But what about the rumours linking her with chhote nawaab? Says she, "Industry has talked about my affair with so many other actors too. So why respond to silly things which don’t even exist? Lots of things are written about my relationships that even I don’t know."
"I don’t have any problem with any of my co-actresses ever. But sometimes it is said that I am not comfortable with Bipasha, Priyanka and many others. I am tired of clarifying all this."
On being asked about the recent jail term of Salman, she says, "I don’t want to share my person issues with media. I don’t want everyone to know about it."

Rani has two releases lined up this year.

Contrary to reports suggesting that Rani Mukerji is quitting movies after 'Laga
Chunri Mein Daag', the actress has already started working in Kunal Kohli's next
production. 'Kunal Kohli's untitled venture brings the 'Hum Tum' pair of Saif Ali Khan and Rani together again. Rani has been shooting for the last two weeks and is totally immersed in the project. She has neither the time nor the inclination to get married or to issue periodical denials about lies that keep appearing in the
tabloids about her,' said a source. For Kohli's film, Saif will join Rani soon. 'I'm currently shooting for Yash Raj's
'Tashan'. Rani has already started shooting for Kunal's film. I will join them in November,' Saif told IANS.

In Pradeep Sarkar's 'Laga Chunri Mein Daag', she has one of the toughest author-backed roles as a Brahmin girl who compromises with her morals to support her family. She is also working in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Sawariya' where she plays an old-fashioned golden-hearted prostitute.
According to Bhansali, Rani's role as the golden-hearted tart is so ebullient and
enchanting that she is likely to prove the scene-stealer of the show. As for marriage, Rani has no man in her life -- right now.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Rishi & Neetu Kapoor wanted to leave their son alone on the sets

Parents of Ranbir Kapoor, Rishi And Neetu Kapoor prefer to watch their son on screen rather than off-screen. So they consciously made every effort not to present on the sets of Ranbir's debut film 'Saawariya'. Once director Sanjay Leela Bhansali called Neetu over for tea, she says, "I had my cup of tea and left. I did not watch Ranbir in action. Rishi and I wanted to leave our son alone on the sets. I didn't want to put any extra pressure on him. I did the same for my husband, never dropped in on his sets ever."