Friday, January 2, 2009

The Making of Aamir’s Eight Packs in Ghajini

After a year of hardcore training, Aamir has finally got the body that he desired so badly. The results are there for all to see; within a year, Aamir`s biceps have increased from 12` to 16` while his chest which was earlier 38` now measures up to 44`.

When Aamir started training for Ghajini, he was busy with the post-production and editing of his maiden directorial flick Taare Zameen Par. Yet, he didn`t give any excuse of not having time and devoted three full hours everyday for his work-out. His routine consisted of 10 minutes stretching and warm ups, one hour of weights, an hour of cardio and 40 minutes of abs exercises. Here, a much leaner Aamir is seen doing the `Bent -over Dumbbell Rows` for his back.

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